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Moskosel Creative Lab, North of Sweden

5 x ARTISTS in Residency

January to April 2024

Northern Sustainable Futures are delighted to be the Swedish host for 5x residency program.

Our Residencies

Short Information

Length of Residency

At Moskosel Creative Lab, we proudly offer five distinct residencies spanning to 120 days. We especially value applicants who commit to an extended stay with us, contributing to the unique and enriching iMKONSTHALL art experience.


iMKONSTHALL is a mobile art experience weaving through Northern Sweden's scenic vistas. Onboard, discover a dynamic fusion of digital music, performances, and visuals, bringing art to life in a uniquely immersive way.

Our Location

Northern Sustainable Futures is an organisation based in Moskosel, a quaint village in northern Sweden. Their headquarters is housed in a repurposed school, emblematic of their commitment to sustainable recovery - Moskosel Creative Lab.

Applicants must reside in any European country, excluding Sweden. 

Ideal candidates are artists passionate about weaving art with sustainability, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and fostering both artistic innovation and broadened access to art, while championing global cultural exchange.

The five chosen resident artists will have the unique opportunity to participate in our ongoing project, iM KONSTHALL - an immersive mobile gallery. We have a keen interest in those wanting to use digital mediums—such as video, VR, and audio.

We place special emphasis on artists committed to sharing their creative journey, both with the local community and through digital platforms. Together, we'll collaborate on the most effective ways to showcase this process.

You're welcome to apply alongside collaborators, family members, or even pets. While financial support is designated for the primary artist, accommodation expenses will be covered for all accompanying individuals.


Who can apply?

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What we provide

Accommodation & Studio Space:
Dwell and create in the heart of Moskosel Creative Lab. The residency period is available from 01.Jan-24 to 31-October-24.

Address: Skolgatan 24, 930 90 Moskosel


Travel Allowance:

  • For distances under 5,000 km: €350 per person for a round trip.

  • For distances over 5,000 km: €700 per person for a round trip.

Note: Air travel for distances below 600 km is typically not permitted, barring exceptional and well-justified cases.


Daily Allowance:
Receive €25 per day, which can be utilized for necessities like food, local transport, etc.

Benefit from the guidance and feedback of an experienced mentor for your project.

Workspace & Environment:
Immerse yourself in a spacious, vibrant creative space and savor the tranquility of the surrounding natural landscapes.


Community & Networking:
The lab is a bustling hub, often frequented by artists and creators, ensuring a collaborative atmosphere during your stay.

Local Amenities:
The close-knit community offers a digital food shop and a lunch restaurant within walking distance.

Project Participation:
Join an ambitious endeavor involving 50+ artists crafting digital works set to tour Northern Sweden.​​

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We believe in simplicity. For your application, you can either submit a written piece or capture your thoughts in a video. The choice is yours!

5 x Residencies - 120 Days - Rural Inland Northern Sweden

Contact us

Kindly email a short description of your artistry, your motivation to join our residency, the period of residency (start and end dates), and your vision for crafting a digital work. Please keep it short, within the length of an A4 and save it as a PDF.

If you prefer, you can also submit a video expressing the same details, offering an alternative to the written format.

Please attach any relevant materials that best represent your work and experience. This can include links to your past projects, photographs, videos, portfolios, or CV.

These can either be standalone files in the email or incorporated as links within the attached PDF. We value getting a holistic view of your artistry, so include what you deem essential for us to understand your vision and capabilities.

To apply:


Email above information to:


Subject Line:



Application Deadline:

9th October

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