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Mauro Zannoli's works take the shape of sound installations, music compositions and audiovisual performances, focusing on the relationship between sound, timbre, and space in immersive environments. His productions embrace electroacoustic and mixed-media music compositions and sound installations, focusing on the relationship between sound, timbre, and space. He has presented works in South America, Canada, and Europe. In 2017, with Manuel Eguia, Damian Payo and Francisco Durante, he created the G.R.A.Pa project dedicated to surveying, recording, and promoting Argentinian sonic and acoustic heritage.

He studied composition with Daniel Montes, at Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (Argentina), and in the North-West University (South Africa). In parallel with his music studies, he studied programming as an autodidact. He is currently doing the Sound Studies and Sonic Arts master's program at the Universität der Künste Berlin. He is also part of the Espacios Sonoros organisation, an electroacoustic music festival held annually in Salta, Argentina.

Mauro will collaborate with Manuel Eguia on the iM KONSTHALL piece, who is researching on perception/action in virtual environments from experimental psychology and the development of artistic installations in the Laboratory of Acoustics and Sound Perception (LAPSo) at the University of Quilmes, Argentina. They will be developing a VR site-specific installation, which explores the notion of the inside and the outside, blurring the boundary between actual and virtual reality. While time and space in the work would be linked together through the  participant's movement.






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