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Rebecca Douglass, a UK based dance artist. Occupied with navigating the world of performance, movement and new-media art as both a creator and a performer, whose practice extends across disciplines. Her foray into the cross section between new media art and Screendance. She embodies themes of absurdity, the existential, cyberself and feminism into her practice and is curious to unpick how practising movement can support ventures into other versions of herself as a curator, writer and researcher.

For iM KONSTHALL Tasha will collaborate with Rebecca Douglass. Their artistic research centres around cyberspace as a container for & extension of multi-selves beyond the material world. Within the digital sphere, they’re interested in queering the representation of bodies, gender, identity, & story, imagining a poly-form digital dance practice.

They use DIY methodologies; re-appropriation of rudimentary technology (Zoom) as self-recording tools, amateur SFX & co-writing on Google Docs. This is a source of empowerment & escapism, imagining alternate universes & ecologies & morphing the digital body, inspired by Legacy Russell’s Glitch Feminism. Digital Permaculture is an immersive work incorporating dance, poetry, voice, & digital intervention. It’s a continuation of a shared artistic practice & an interest in the crossing of lexicons when talking about bodies in natural vs. digital spaces through eco-glitch feminist perspectives.

Through World Building practice, desires & fantasies for a new world are fed into a Google Doc using a co-writing score & they begin to manifest. The boundaries between physical & digital blur. A typed script/archive of the world building process unravels.

A digital world is born from embodied/danced imagination, morphed environments & the collation/fabrication of stock footage from the infinite content bank of the post-internet, hyper-aestheticised online space.

Natural imagery is taken from the surrounding area, blending real & digital. Inspired by geographical placement, Digital Permaculture has absorbed the nature & wildlife of Moskosel, documenting the interconnectivity between creative process & natural world.

Rebecca and Tasha thank Jake Burgess and Louis Caspar Schmitt for technological assistance.






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