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I, Robin Jonsson, have created and toured my works after I finished studying at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels in 2008. Several of the works that I created during my studies continued to tour for several years, such as Super Conflict and I Believe I Can see the future. These works together with Simulations were based on an extremely accurate copying and then simulation of virtual characters from video games, animation and similar media.

Later I worked in a similar way with Zombies and pure acting in The Hollows 1 and 2, the latter premiered at Dansens Hus in Stockholm and the former at MDT. A common denominator for all my works is the deconstruction of how human bodies are represented artificially, in the form of animation, dolls or robots. My interest focuses on the construction and representation of these virtual bodies, their behaviours, their movement qualities, physics and physiology.

For example, how movements and the relationship to gravity are simulated or how they have been created to appear natural in their movement patterns. For a few years, I have focused my work on humanoid robots and what they can bring to the performing arts field.

For @im_konsthall project Robin is collaborating with Nea Landin for the creation of~Celestial bodies.






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