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Sara Wookey’s transdisciplinary practice/research moves across architecture, choreography, sociology and museology and is informed by her dance studies. Her work asks pressing questions about the nature of human interaction and finds articulation in public sector spaces such as theatres, museums and academia. Her current concern is how expanded choreography can help to change the human imaginary of relationships between bodies and space in ways that can be more inclusive and sustainable.

Her work is part of the collections at the Van Abbemuseum and she is an Associate Researcher of the Minderoo Centre for Technology & Democracy at Cambridge University.
For iM KONSTHALL piece Sara is collaborating with visual artists Christian Kipp. Christian Kipp is a photographer based in Cambridgeshire. He splits his time between working on his own in the natural landscape and collaborating with a variety of dance artists.

He is interested in the ways that these two areas feed and reflect each other. He has exhibited his work at Laban, Clarence Mews, Oxford House, Moving Arts Base and at the London Independent Photography Exhibition.
For iM KONSTHALL, they are exploring the qualities of empathy, care, courage, resiliency, and play through expressions of movement, writing, photography and film. Read more:






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