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Siriol Joyner is an artist working within the field of dance and choreography. She is obsessed with language and its relationship to dance and dancing and the material and political implications of this connection. She is creating movement, text and object works that focus upon the notions of mutation, translation and code-switching. Her interests are informed by her Welsh identity and the minority status of her mother tongue, Cymraeg (Welsh). An interest in site and site specificity is always present in Siriol’s work. Dora Garcia, Cally Spooner, Tino Sehgal, Yvonne Rainer and Oreet Ashery. Alice is collaborating with Siriol Joyner @siriolsiriolsiriol on a new work for iM Konsthall.

Siriol is collaborating with @alice_mackenzie_ on a new work for iM Konsthall and they are looking forward to arriving in Moskosel next week. Together they make performances, sounds, scent extractions, books and dances. They have been working with the idea of creating dances that are sensorial capsules, created from materials (plants, sounds, movements, colours) gathered in different places. Alice and Siriol have been thinking of the dance studio as a portal and a place to process materials gathered both outside and inside.

They are very interested to learn about the languages of the area around Moskosel, the Sámi languages, the local vernacular etc, and would love to hear from any local and nearby folks who are engaged with language in their lives and work (translator, poet, storyteller etc) and might be interested to meet with them. Siriol is collaborating with the British Swedish based dance artists Alice McKenzie for the iM KONSTHALL project.






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