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Gabriel Widing is a director and game designer specifically focused on participatory pieces. He is mainly active through the art collective Nyxxx, which regularly uses technology as a central tool in their works. His practice revolves around developing methods for role-playing and participatory performative situations, for example through collective writing, games and performance. Gabriel will collaborate with Nea Landin for iM KONSTHALL creation. Nea Landin is a professional dancer, performer and artist working within the fields of contemporary dance, performance, installation art and theater. Her artistic research is centered around fantasy and meaning making in the digital and digitized age, specifically how somatic and semiotic experiences are and can be altered through technological processes.

Nea’s work combines dance, choreography, and visual arts, and computer programming is an integrated part of it. In Respawn Valley the audience are players of a multi-player game, spanning over the 3 screens.

Each screen present a different part of the valley. The valley has different places you can visit, for example: a workshop, a church, a mine, a rocket ramp. The players join with their mobile phones through a browser window. The phone turn into a game controller and an avatar spawn in the valley, representing the player.

The avatars are anonymous, their most characteristic feature is a woollen cap and two eyes looking out under it. Since all avatars share the same virtual world on screen, and all the players share physical space in iM Konsthall, the piece encourage a playfull and collective exploration suitable for both kids and adult visitors. But, be aware, dangers are lurking in unexpected places and there are many ways to loose your avatar. Any death or disappearance of the avatar will result in a possibility to respawn, and thereby repopulate the valley with a new avatar. This playfull emptying out and repopulation of the snowy landscape is the core of Respawn Valley.






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