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Idun Isdrake is an award winning game designer and film director. Their work is situated in Nordic Futurism from a diverse ice/solarpunk, animistic perspective, ranging from landscape photography and art house games, to cyborg interfaces and AR apps. Isdrake thrives at the intersection of the classic and the unknown, the peaceful and the violent, restlessly creating with new tools, or pushing the existing beyond and in-between the conventional. Isdrake also founded Sweden’s first game innovation lab and game art gallery, and is currently doing PhD research in diverse game design and interfaces, including de-biasing AI datasets and prototyping new kinds of game systems.


For a one month residency I worked on this game and shared it on the web during the process so that people could follow the project from start, and play the story while it was happening. The final game contains rooms and levels based on the places I visited, like Trollforsen, the Rallarmuseum, the school, cabins, forest and lake around the iM Konsthall, as well as the northern lights and many of the animals I met. By interacting with characters and objects, the player can learn about the area, about some of the artists who worked there, and unlock up to 39 rooms.

The game also shares the process of filming the audiovisual installation Skadi, which can be experienced in the container gallery. The sound is partly composed based on patterns on a birch tree beside the cabin where I spent most of my time in Moskosel. The graphics are mostly based on photos I took during the stay, painted pixel by pixel with a three colour limit per room. The game, sound and graphics are created directly in the Bitsy game engine, which I choose for its simplicity and accessibility.


Skadi is the name of a giantess who lives in the snowy mountains in the Nordics. Together with their partner, representing the sea, my favourite elements are kinnected into an inner and outer dialogue between snow, ice, sea, thunder, myself and the kin creatures inhabiting the area, and experiencing the piece. The artwork highlights the socioenvironmental issues arising when greedy humans started silencing beings that did not fit into their grand plans. The video is made from natural footage during a slow process of walks, dancelike movements and co-existence, mostly with different shapes of snow around my artist residency cabin in Moskosel. Particularly a hole in the snow by one corner of the cabin where the ice changed shape every day throughout the one month residency, gradually disappearing until there was only mud left.

The audioscape is made up of sounds like melting snow and ice, rhythmic steps in snow, drum heartbeats, machine noise and birds song, mostly recorded in nature, in the cabin with a variation of materials and digitally edited.






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