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Manuel Eguia is researching on perception/action in virtual environments from experimental psychology and the development of artistic installations in the Laboratory of Acoustics and Sound Perception (LAPSo) at the University of Quilmes, Argentina. Transit is an installation for Site Specific Virtual Reality in which different rooms follow one another through a transformation of their physiognomy. This work questions the notion of inside and outside while putting them into conflict. A binomial that has been transformed by the appearance of Covid and by the outbreak of a new war. The first room the participant experiences, when putting on the VR headset, is an exact replica of the iM KONSTHALL, so the passage from the “real” to the“virtual” world is blurred.

From that moment on, the participant’s movement makes time pass –without movement, nothing happens– morphing the interior and exterior space, the last one observable through the windows. Several cues of passing time are given, such as a dripping faucet, mechanical clock, wind, etc. Each room can be real or abstract; the interior can become external and vice versa. The room’s morphology and dimensions remain unchanged so that the participant can continue to walk through it without the risk of bumping into the walls. Along with the mutations of the room, the soundscapes mutate from sounds produced by nature that are rarified to fully synthetic environments.

The name chosen for the work (Transit) alludes to the passage between different environments generated by the participant of the work, who transits through different environments, but also to the iMKONSTHALL context itself as an exhibition space in transit, based on a container that is, in turn, an icon of transit, and finally to the transit between inside and outside, a situation of decompression experienced after two years of confinement due to the global pandemic.

Manuel is collaborating with Mauro Zannoli, a composer and Sound Artist. His creative practice is born on the borders between space, sound and its temporal evolution. He creates musical compositions and sound installations by articulating the capability of dwelling, wandering, and discovering a space, physical or virtual, through sound in technological environments.






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