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Parisa Karimi is a freelance media artist, animator, and cultural educator who combines immersive storytelling with analogue and digital techniques. Through experimentation, she merges documentary elements with speculative narration, exhibited in interactive installations, film, projection mapping, augmented reality and performances. Her research-driven approach explores socio-ecological and philosophical questions, focusing on the intersection of bodies, territorial landscapes, and interwoven time narratives.

Unlearning, (re)learning, and healing processes are central to her work, aiming to create livable presents and futures. As the founder and artistic director of RGB Animation Studio (@rangbarangstudio) she produces works for television, cinema, and theatre. Additionally, she participates in the interdisciplinary HeimatlosGrenzenlos network, collaborating with diverse disciplines to explore new artistic approaches. She shares her insights through teaching and lectures. Karimi’s works have been showcased and recognized at various international festivals. Describing herself as an Earth inhabitant with Iranian-Kurdish heritage, born in Berlin and currently based in Cologne, Germany,

"The stories that determine our present(s) appear to be intricately connected to the complex (his/her)stories that shape our past(s). Which histories remain hidden, forgotten, or untold within public spaces and monuments, and what do these gaps signify? How are these stories interconnected on a broader global scale, particularly in relation to the multiple crises we are currently experiencing? And what lessons can we learn from them?“






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