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Pato Bosich, born in Chile in 1978, is a London-based contemporary artist. He graduated from Camberwell School of Art in 2004 and has exhibited in London, Europe, Latin America and the United States, including the Nationalmuseum – Stockholm, Ateneum Art Museum – Finland, The Courtauld Institute and London University in London, in Chile at the MSSA and MAM Museums, Porter Contemporary in New York, Jano Arts and Fundació Catalunya Amèrica in Barcelona and Sberbank University in Moscow. Bosich is currently artist in residence and co-funder of Three Highgate , in London since October 2021 and exhibiting with Barn Bradenstoke. Pato Bosich's latest work is the result of an ongoing dialogue between the artist and antiquity.

Fed and grown out of correspondences, interactions, and exchanges – on the one side with Antiquity collections at the British Museum and with Greek mythology and Classical texts on the other – the resulting series are at once a homage to the continuing physical and textual presence of these historical relics, and a re-evaluation of our relationship with the past. Although this experience is by nature fragmented and subjective, the artist strives, through his art, to achieve a unified whole. Working from the Canon, the artist discovers that all these entities from antiquity have already been split into many different renditions all the way throughout history up to the present.

However, in Antiquity, the ancient Gods and creatures, reincarnated to create new chimaeras, come to life in an updated fashion that, if fragmented, makes them whole again. In The Dying Pythia and The Apotheosis of the Hero, these ancient presences find two different realms for them to reveal themselves to us: the world of antiquity and the modern world, respectively. We must not see in this Teophany of Gods and Epiphany of Heroes, in its use of classical symbolism, another example of allegory but a new reality where these visions materialise once again every time the artist creates the stage for them to come to life, now in a total, coherent and true fashion, fascinatingly relevant for the contemporary times.






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