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Tom Milnes is an artist, researcher, and curator. 
Milnes’ practice explores the materiality of technology, engaging with the cultural impact of media through quirky errors or hidden subcultures. Milnes incorporates emergent technologies such as photogrammetry, augmented reality and NetArt methods as ways to critically engage with our relationship to digital technology and the physical world. 
Milnes has exhibited internationally including at: W139 - Amsterdam , AND/OR - London, CEAC – Xiamen, The Centre for Contemporary Art Laznia - Gdansk, and Gyeonggi International Biennale - Korea. Milnes has recently completed Ashnihilation, a major public artwork commission for European Research Development Fund/Green Minds, which reimagines Plymouth’s relationship with nature through HoloLens augmented reality headsets.

He also recently exhibited at FORMAT International Photography Festival and Under, a British Art Show 9 finge show. He is the curator and founder of the online platforms Digital Artist Residency and Polygon Palm. 

Tom’s piece The Distance of the Moon' takes its name from the Italo Calvino short story 'La Distanza della Luna', a love story set in an imaginary era in which the Moon dipped so low you could sail to it. The VR work reenacts the boat journey and lets you step onto an reimagined lunar surface. In the VR journey you encounter a Moon that is uniquely shaped by the Moskosel area itself. Animated characters and 3D scans of features and objects unique to Norrbotten are dotted around the lunar landscape.

The work draws comparison between the lunar characteristics of Swedish Lapland in the winter and the real Moon; examining the desolate landscape in a surreal allegory. On the Moon, the main characters, Mos-E and Mrs Vhd, are looking for each other in this strange environment. These animations are comprised of several 3Ds scans created by Milnes during walking workshops and explorations at the Moskosel Creative Lab.

Tom Milnes - Lead Artist - Concept, Animation, scanning and 3D generation, sound design.
Sam Grotzke - Unreal Engine development and support.






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