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Fund art & creative projects

 Easily & Rewarding

Access creative projects sandbox, fund them, receive ART credits, and use them to receive rewards in the shopping marketplace. Easy!

App comig soon

Easy Finance projects directly

Easy Receive Rewards

Easy, Fast & Secure

ART makes the creative world go around

A circular methodology designed to benefit culture, creativity, society & businesses. Making it easy for projects to get funded, users to get meaningful rewards on daily shopping & businesses to reach further customer base.

For users: Find creative projects close to you

For users: Earn rewards and benefits

For creators: Showcase your project ideas

For creators: Get funded

For shops: Reward loyal customers

For shops: Attract wider audiences

ART app coming soon

creators & artists

shops & services


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Join us in the making - we will keep you informed:

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2022/2023 - ART clubcard

ART App coming soon
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